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Jessica Legston


Jessica Legston is a highly skilled marketing specialist with over 5 years of experience in maximizing SEO, CRO, and customer retention strategies. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing and economics from Texas State University. She has been in the property management industry since 2019.  

Jessica provides a customer-centric approach to marketing strategy and leadership for the entire Hazel Management portfolio. She has led the marketing department through continuous growth while refining internal processes and creating efficiencies, ensuring consistent application of strategies and data.

She obtains executive experience in diverse digital media marketing and international relationship building. She specializes in social media management, search engine optimization, videography, digital marketing, and email marketing to help generate demand and raise brand awareness.  

During her time as a marketing specialist, she has found fulfillment in setting goals for brands, executing marketing strategies, and making a genuine connection with consumers. She has a solid reputation as a visionary problem solver and a creative tactician in the field of marketing.

Today Jessica oversees the Marketing department for Hazel Management. 

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