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About us

Hazel Management is a privately held full-service multifamily management company based in Houston, Texas. We specialize in providing exceptional management services on all properties in the value chain, ranging from deep value-add rehabs to stabilized properties.  Our goal is for each of our managed properties to reach their full operating potential while maximizing resident retention, NOI, revenue, and operational output. We put a strong emphasis on effective expense management and developing/training the best staff and team members in the industry.  We feel by following these steps we can maximize returns and expectations for the clients we serve.  

Property Management

Hazel Management specializes in providing management services to class C-B+ multifamily properties in the state of Texas.  We provide full-service on-site management which includes; but is not limited to, activities related to pre and post-acquisition of an apartment community.

Construction Management

Hazel Management provides oversight and management of construction/renovation projects on multifamily properties.  We work with contractors to ensure our client's vision and business plan match up.  We provide oversight on construction teams to ensure they stay on time and on budget.


We seek to acquire multifamily properties that possess value-add components throughout the state of Texas.  Please contact us if you have a property that you would like us to consider acquiring.  

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